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  • Get an Amazing Wall Finishing with Stucco Foam Trim San Jose, CA


    Getting a Stucco Foam Trim in San Jose can help you save up some money which would have been wasted in a constant painting of the walls. Stucco gives more life to the paint and less burden on your pockets. But most importantly it adds to the beauty of your home. Contact Stucco contractors San Jose to decorate your walls. To hire stucco visit: www.candcplastering.net

  • Must Know DIY Tips for Applying Stucco Plaster

    If you are not familiar with terms such as stucco plaster or are not aware of what it means, then that’s  a sure fire indication that you need to hire professionals to get the job done. Just search online for Stucco Foam Trim San Jose CA and sort through some of the expert plasterers and select the right man for the job. However, if you do happen to know what stucco plaster is all about and have requisite experience in applying the same to various surfaces, then you can go ahead and take on this as a DIY project. Here are a few important tips that you need to review, before getting started on the project.



    • Materials: More often than not, plaster is either applied on to the dry wall directly or onto an undercoat of older plaster. The process is the same, you get the mix ready and start skimming over the surface till its evenly coated. But when you are applying the plaster on to an undercoat, make sure that the surface is damp, to the right amount before applying plaster on to it directly. This should also help prevent the newly set plaster from cracking. And remember, you need to wait for the undercoat to set in before applying the final layer.


    • Mixing the right amount: Just take two half buckets of water – one for mixing the plaster in and another one for adding extra water, if required. Since you already have some experience in this, then you know how important it is to add the right amount of water, no more, no less. Make sure that you read the directions on the plaster mix again, and open up the packet, and slowly add the mix into the first half bucket of water. Make sure that you keep stirring as you add in the plaster mix. It needs to have a creamy consistency, and one additional test you can do is to dab a small amount of plaster across a board. If it spreads evenly and doesn’t run off the edges, then it is of the right consistency.


    • Application: The application is fairly easy but you need to use a trowel to flatten up the plaster, spread it evenly so that there are no thick overlapping bulges of plaster left on the wall. And remember that plaster sets in quite fast during summer so you will have to be really fast when applying the plaster onto the wall directly. Make sure that you dampen the wall post application and after it has set in; this is done to prevent the plaster from cracking and aiding in the curing process.

    For professional help, just search online for Stucco Contractors in San Jose. With these tips, you should be able to apply stucco plaster without any hassle.


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